Here are six reasons you should buy handmade soap and other handmade products.  The first one only pertains to handmade soap though

Number 1 – The very best reason, is that it is good for your skin, your body’s largest organ. It makes a wonderful gift that can be used.

Number 2 – Buying handmade rewards passion, creativity and endorses the artisan.

Number 3 – Supporting handmade helps keep traditional handcrafted items alive.

Number 4 – Buying handmade puts money into the pockets of the artisans, and their suppliers (often these are small business as well)

Number 5 – Giving handmade is like sending a hand written letter rather than an email.

Number 6 – Most handmade items last longer, and are made with passion and love.

So when you see something handmade, and it might cost a little more, remember that care, attention and love went into it, as well as time, and creativity.  Recently I was at a market, where a young women had made some beautiful crocheted scarfs, shawls, etc. Her prices were reasonable, but still people walked by, because they were higher than store bought  These items would last a very long time, and were truly beautiful.  You could tell that she put a lot of effort into it.

So that is the real reason for this post –  Please support handmade!


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