Remove Odours with our Coffee Cappuccino Soap

by | Jan 10, 2023 | Soap Video | 0 comments

Gently remove odours with our Coffee Cappuccino Soap.  I have made quite a few coffee soaps, but I have to say this is the best smelling Coffee Soap that I have ever made.  Coffee soaps are great for your hands, and removing odors, that is why they make a great kitchen soap.  Because of the coffee they are quite exfolliating, so that is why I recommend them for a kitchen soap, and not a body soap.

Coffee is a great deodorizer, making this soap good for removing odors like onions, garlic, etc. With added Organic Shea Butter these are nice moisturizing soaps.

I make this soap using fresh brewed coffee and fresh coffee grounds. I piped the top with a creamy frosting to maki it look more like a cappuccino type of soap.

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Below is a video showing the making of this soap.  I hope you enjoy it, and thank you for reading and watching~Darlene!



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