Wedding or Shower Favors Custom Made



Mountain Farms Soap is pleased to offer handmade guest soaps for your wedding, bed and breakfast, guest house or any special occasion. Handmade soap is thoughtful gift, that most people truly appreciate.

The price above reflects 40 bars wrapped in cello and ribbon (with ingredient information on back).  Our custom wedding soaps are created in batches of 40 mini bars, so if you click “2” you would get 80 bars, “3” you would get 120 bars, etc.

***Turn around time for these is 5 – 6 weeks***

We can custom make from scent and color that you see on our website , and will do our best to create a unique look (if you so desire). Our guest bars are approximately 1.5″x 2.5″x 0.5″ and weigh approximated 30-35 grams or 1.4 ounces. A perfect size for your shower or sink. We can custom design, to suit your theme.  Soap is personalized and custom made to fit your wedding theme. We require 5 weeks notice to allow for design, the making and curing, as well as ship time. Soap is made with Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Certified Sustainable Palm Oil and Castor Oil, plus either essential oil or fragrance oil for scent.

These can easily be customized with a label or tag to suit your wedding theme.

Please let us know in the comments box upon checkout, what requirements you would like for your soap.


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