May is generally a busy time for me.  Preparing for Mother’s Day, the start up of the summer farmer’s markets, and getting ready for Father’s Day and Teacher’s gifts.

In preparation of these special events I have made some new products that would be great for these occasions or for yourself.  First up are our new flower shaped bath bombs.  These are available in Refreshing Spa, Lavender, Pink Berry Mimosa and Rose.  I think they are really cute.  You can purchase these individually or in gift sets.Bath-Bomb-Flowers by Mountain Farms SoapBath-Bomb-Gift-Set by Mountain Farms Soap

Next up is our New Java Scrub Bar.  This new soap is a salt bar, with added coffee grounds and scented in a refreshing mint.  It produces a really nice soft creamy lather, but at the same time gives you a gentle scrub.  These would be good for the gardener, chef or mechanic.  Coffee helps to get rid of odors, so this is a nice kitchen soap. You can find this soap in the Essential Oil Soap category.Java-Scrub-Spa-Bar by Mountain Farms Soap

The next new soap I made is Citrus Patch.  This soap was such a hit at the markets I only have a couple left, but don’t worry, I recently just made another bigger batch.  This soap combines, Lime, Orange, Patchouli and Grapefruit essential oils.  It has a nice clean fragrance.  It can also be found under the Essential Oil Soap category.  This is a nice soap for men.Citrus-Patch-by Mountain Farms Soap

Another new soap I have made is Butterfly Orchid.  Recently I have learned how to make soap dough.  You make it the same as regular soap, only you don’t let it cure until you are ready to use it.  It becomes pliable, so you can mold it.  I made all the soap flowers from my soap dough, and the butterflies are a glycerin soap.  This soap is scented in a nice clean floral, making it a nice summer soap. I have packaged them up ready for gift giving.  They can be found under the Artisan soap category.

Butterfly-Orchid-Soap by Mountain Farms SoapButterfly-Orchid-Soap-Labeled by Mountain Farms Soap

And the last new product I will mention in this post is my Unicorn Horn soap and Unicorn Horn bath bomb.  It seems that Unicorns are all the range right now.  I made the horns of this soap with soap dough as well.  I tried my very best to make them look like like unicorn horns.  The bath bombs are scented in either Refreshing Spa or Rose.

Unicorn-Horn-Soap by Mountain Farms SoapUnicorn-Horn-Soap-Label by Mountain Farms SoapUnicorn-Horn-Bath-Bomb by Mountain Farms Soap

So that is what I have been up to lately.  More to come are some bubbling mineral salts, Mermaid Tail soaps and a new gift set, which I hope to get on the website soon.  I hope you been enjoying the nicer weather.  Thanks for reading~Darlene

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