It’s only September and your Christmas soaps are ready?  Well yes, because over the next little while, I will be very busy with holiday orders, and events, and I really won’t have time to be making Christmas soaps.  I am quite pleased with they way these turned out.  I still have a few more on the curing wrack, but here is what is available now.

Christmas Spice – I wanted this soap to have a look like a Gingerbread house.  So I did up some candy cane embed soaps which I hand painted, and some little balls that I wanted to look like gum drop, and a some little star soaps.  This soap has a scent just like Christmas baking.  Christmas Spice Soap Bulk by Mountain Farms Soap

Christmas Spice Soaps 2 by Mountain Farms Soap

Christmas-Spice-Soap by Mountain Farms SoapThe next holiday soap I made is Christmas Memories.  This soap has scents of orange peel and cranberry sauce, cranberry spice with notes of cinnamon sticks and slight notes of evergreen and pinecones. This is a really big soap, weighing in at 160 grams.  I did not add any colour to the base, this is the result of the fragrance.  I did add some green jojoba beads, to give it some exfoliating properties.  I also made some little gift soap embeds which I placed on top, that are also hand painted.

Christmas Memories Soap Log by Mountain Farms Soap

Christmas Memories by Mountain Farms Soap

And the last soap I have that is ready is our Snowflake Soap.  This soap is scented with Peppermint, Spearmint and Eucalyptus essential oils.  The scent is clean and refreshing.Snowflake-Soaps by Mountain Farms Soap

So that’s what is available at the moment.  I have some mini soap cake slices that will be ready soon, along with some gingerbread men guest soaps.

Thanks for reading~Darlene!

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