One of my most favorite bath products are sugar scrubs.  I just love how they make my skin feel so soft and smooth.  In fact the very first time I used one, I just couldn’t believe how soft my skin felt.  With these new sugar scrubs I’ve just made, you only need the one product as they clean, exfoliate old dead skin, and leave you very soft and smooth.

To make these I first made a base (which I can also use for facial scrubs).  Once this was made, it had to sit for a day to harden up.  The next day the fun starts, and I get to make the scrubs.  Here are some photo’s of my process.

Whipping up the base

Whipping after adding essential oils

Adding the brown sugar to Citrus Patch batch

All whipped up, and ready to pack into jars

Citrus Patch Foaming Sugar Scrub packed into jars

Lavender Foaming Sugar Scrub using white sugar instead of brown


These would make a nice gift for Mother’s Day, and if you would like to purchase you can do so here.

The other new product we have made are these cute Flower Bath Bombs.  I do plan to make more scents, but for now I have Lavender and Pink Berry Mimosa available.  These are available here.

There is also a New Soap “Citrus Patch” which combines Lime, Orange, Patchouli and Grapefruit essential oils, giving it a really nice clean scent.Citrus-Patch-by Mountain Farms Soap

Well that’s it for now.  Thanks for reading~Darlene

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