Out in the you tube world there are many soap artists, always coming up with new ways, to beautify soap.  One new technique that I have been seeing quite frequently is the Mini Drop Swirl.  I have seen some absolutely beautiful creations done in this method. I was very intrigued with this method, and wanted to try it.  The secret, I believe, to make this technique work, is you need a very thin (low trace) batter.  If it gets to thick, it won’t work the way it is supposed to.

So for the soap I am making I chose black(activated charcoal), gold mica, and yellow mica.  I added a little titanium oxide to the main batter, because I am using Spearmint, Peppermint and Lemongrass Essential oils to scent this soap, and Lemongrass will turn the soap yellow. I thought these essential oils would be good, not only because they smell lovely, but I thought they would keep my soap batter from moving to quickly (not the case).

I also chose to line my squeeze bottles with piping bags, because it is difficult to clean them, plus there is always soap left inside when I use them.  This didn’t work so well, so I ended up cutting the ends off the piping bags, and just squeezing the batter into the main soap batter.  I cut that part out of the video, because I was getting frustrated.

Anyway, below is a short video showing how I made this soap.  Overall I am very happy with it, and I will definately be trying this method again.  Thanks for watching and if you would like to see me make more soaps and creations, please subscribe to my channel.  Thanks for reading~Darlene





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