Making Vanilla Bean Marshmallow Soap

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As a soap maker, you have to plan your soap making at least 5 weeks in advance, so I’ve starting making my Fall and Christmas Soaps.  Vanilla Bean Marshmallow Soap has the most wonderful vanilla scent.  It combines scents of marshmallow crème with accents of sweet honey, toasted almonds and warm vanilla caramel. So Good!

So this soap was made in three layers, each layer poured separately and made separately.  This was so I could make the angled design I was going for.  I wanted the bottom layer to be brown (all vanilla scents will turn soap brown automatically), then I wanted an angled white swirl in the brown, with a brown layer on top, with piped white soap(to represent the fluffy marshmallow) on the very top, and then golden flowers.

Below is a short video showing the making of this soap.  Overall I’m happy with the way it turned out.  This soap has cured and is now available on-line.  Thanks for reading and watching~Darlene


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