Making Peppermint Twist Soap

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Peppermint Twist is one of the soaps in our Christmas line up.  This soap has a Christmas blend of cool mint, white sugar, and rich vanilla musk. A perfect scent for the holidays.

I wanted this soap to have a nice Christmas feel, so I made it in layers, with pink and green being the middle layer.  Because of the vanilla content in the Peppermint Twist fragrance, this soap has a tendency to turn tan, which I didn’t want, so I’ve added titanium oxide to it, to hopefully keep it white.  Even if it does slightly turn a bit darker, I think the overall effect is still good.

As a soap maker, soap has to be made well in advance of any special event, as it needs time to cure, as well as to let our customers know what is going to be available.  I have spent the last month making my Christmas soaps, and I hope you will like what I’ve come up with.  If you would like to see all that I’ve published so far, make sure to check out my social media pages.

These soaps will be available for purchase around the middle of September.  Below is a video showing the making of this soap.  Thanks for watching and reading ~Darlene


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