When I first started making soap, it was pretty plain. Over the years, I have learned how to pipe soap, make some beautiful swirls, etc. Along the way, I saw some soapmakers making soap cakes, and soap cupcakes.  When I first started making them, they flew off the shelves, but the novelty must have worn off, as for me, they haven’t been the best seller lately.

Lately, I have been rethinking this. I love making these pretty soaps, and they make great gifts, or they are just nice for yourself(you deserve pretty things too). Plus, they are made with such nice skin loving oils, who wouldn’t want to use them.  For the bigger soap cake slices, you just need to slice them up. For cupcakes, slice them in half or put them in a soap sack, and they work beautifully.  So in the next little while, I will be making more of these beautiful bakery style soaps.  I hope you like them!

The YouTube video below shows how to make Lavender Mini Soap Cake Slices.  These handmade soaps are scented with pure Lavender essential oil, and smell so beautiful.

Thanks for watching! ~Darlene

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