Making and Unmolding Sea Salt Spa Bars

by | Jan 30, 2020 | Soap Video | 0 comments

I love Salt Bars!  So you say what are Salt Bars?  Sea Salt Spa Bars are made using Sea Salt (or pink salt) and are especially nourishing for the skin.  Sea Salt is purifying and acts like an astringent. If you’ve ever swam in the ocean, you know how nice your skin feels afterwards.  These soap bars are cleansing and produce a soft creamy lotion like lather, that is truly luxurious. Salt bars are very hard and last a really long time.

Sometimes I get asked, aren’t they drying to the skin?  The answer is no, because when you make any kind of soap, most people “superfat their soap”.  What this means is that we add more oils, than lye that is required to make the soap.  Every oil requires a certain amount of lye solution to turn it into soap.  So if you add more oils than lye required you are super fatting. Salt bars are made using a 20% superfat, so we’ve used 20% more oils, so the salt used is not drying at all!

In this salt soap, I have blended Peppermint, Spearmint and Eucalyptus essential oils, so it has a clean and refreshing scent. A perfect soap to get you going in the morning!  I put little embeds on to to make it look like an ocean themed soap. I made this soap in the beginning of January and it will be available to purchase around the end of February, and they like a nice long cure time.

Below is a short video showing the making of this soap. If you would like to watch me make soap, you can subscribe to my You Tube Channel

Thanks for watching and reading! ~ Darlene


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