Our Amber Romance Soap has a lovely scent that blends sandalwood, amber, musk and vanilla, which is an enticing and sensual scent, that I personally really like.  It might very well be my new favorite, although I really like Afternoon Tea too!  I like to scan Pinterest to get idea’s on different soap designs, and I came across one that had a marbled look, so that was what I was going for here.  Not exactly marbled, but it does look like it has little veins running through it, which I like.  I also ended up liking the colour combination.  At the beginning, I thought it was going to be an ugly grey purple, but adding in the extra purple and some activated charcoal, really helped.

I made this soap around the end of June, so it will be available for purchase around the beginning of August  Below is a short video showing the making and cutting of this soap.  Thanks for watching and taking the time to read my blog! ~Darlene

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