How I Make Fresh Rose Soap

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I have been making Fresh Rose Soap for a few years now.  If you like florals, this scent is truly beautiful, and smells just like Fresh Roses. Since I have made several batches of this soap, I know how this scent behaves in soap, and I know that it moves very fast, leaving very little time to create beautiful swirls.

To help me with this, I only added a small portion of the fragrance oil to the soap at first, so it won’t set up so fast.  After I poured most of the soap in the mold,, I added the rest of the fragrance, so I didn’t have soap on a stick.  Floral scents are very bad for moving fast, so you have to know how to deal with them.  Some fragrance oils leave you lots of time to work, and others move so fast, the soap will set up before you have even poured it.  This is not a good situation, and most of the time the soap will have to be re-batched which is a lot of work. So knowing how fragrance oils behave, is quite important when making soap.

I love the rose soap tops.  I think they add a beautiful design to this Fresh Rose Soap, making them perfect for gift giving, as well as for yourself.  This soap is made with skin loving ingredients, including Olive Oil, so very mild and gentle, along with Organic Shea Butter, which makes an ordinary soap into an extraordinary soap, and Avocado oil, which is a wonderful skin care ingredient, containing many vitamins that are good for your skin.

Below is a video of the making of Fresh Rose soap.  If you like this video, please consider subscribing to my YouTube channel.  Thanks for watching and reading ~ Darlene.


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