Coco Oatmeal Guest Bars or Party Favors

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Our Coco Oatmeal guest bars or party favors make perfect little gifts for your guests. Delicately wrapped with twine and botanicals, these soaps showcase simple beauty that your guests will adore. Unscented, they can be enjoyed by almost everyone.

With the wedding season upon us, I decided to make these bars unscented, so eveyone could enjoy. They are enriched with Organic Cocoa Butter, known for its high fatty acid content and deep moisturizing properties. Additionally, they contain coconut milk, colloidal oat, and kaolin clay – all fantastic ingredients for your skin.

Simply and eleglantly packed with twine and botanicals, these charming and elegant creations would be a delightful and considerate gesture for your guests.Indulge your guests with our exquisite soap favors, exquisitely packaged with twine and botanical accents. These charming creations are a thoughtful and sophisticated way to show appreciation to your guests. To explore our soap favors further, please visit here:

Below is a short video shoiwing the making of these soaps. I hope you enjoy watching the creation of these lovely little soap bars. If you would like to watch me make other soap creations, please visit my YouTube channel.

Guest Bars or Party Favors by Mountain Farms Soap


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