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Making and Cutting Turmeric and Tea Tree Soap

Now more than ever it is important to wash our hands. With Covid-19 I thought it especially important to make a soap with some anti-bacterial properties.Turmeric and Tea Tree have anti-bacterial properties. Turmeric has many good benefits in soap.  It can help with...

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Making Bunny Butt Cupcake Soaps

Well it won't be to long and it will be Easter. I always like to make a little something for this holiday.  This year my grand-daughter will be one, and I plan to give her one of these  Cute Bunny Butt Cupcake Soaps in her basket. Our rubber ducky soaps also make a...

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Making and Unmolding Sea Salt Spa Bars

I love Salt Bars!  So you say what are Salt Bars?  Sea Salt Spa Bars are made using Sea Salt (or pink salt) and are especially nourishing for the skin.  Sea Salt is purifying and acts like an astringent. If you've ever swam in the ocean, you know how nice your skin...

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Happy New Year ~ New Products

First of all I would like to wish you all a Very Happy New Year, and hope that 2020 brings you health and happiness. 2019 was a good year, but it's nice to start fresh with new goals and new inspiration. Some of the changes being made this year, is raising the price...

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Making Lilac n Lilies Hot Process Soap

Many of you have watched me make cold process soap on YouTube, because that is what I do! But sometimes, it's necessary to do Hot Process. The reason I make my Lilac n Lilies soap using the hot process method is because in cold process the scent dissipates, and isn't...

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Making and Cutting Avocado Citrus Soap

In this video I show the making and cutting of Avocado Citrus Soap.  This soap is an all natural soap, with added benefits of Avocado Butter and Avocado Oil.  Avocado Oil is high in vitamins and provides moisturizing properties to the soap.  It is very mild and...

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Making and Cutting Pink Berry Mimosa

Pink Berry Mimosa is a soap that I have carried in my line for the past few years.  It has a delightful scent, that is popular with most everyone!  It has a playful combination of sweet strawberries, ripe raspberries, citrus peel and sparkling pink moscato. Nice and...

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Making and Cutting Unicorn Soap

I was out shopping one day, and came across these cute little Unicorn erasers.  Being the soap maker that I am, I thought instantly, how cute they would be on soap, so I bought them, and as you will see, they are pretty cute. This batch of soap is scented with a blend...

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PH Balanced Solid Conditioning Shampoo Bars

I love shampoo bars, and have been using them for years. So they are not new to Mountain Farms Soap, but I have changed my recipe slightly to make them a bit harder, and PH Balanced, which is important. Our shampoo bars will last you a very long time.  I have been...

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Making and Cutting Watermelon Lemonade

So for the past couple of weeks, I haven't really been myself.  I caught that awe full flue cold that's been going around, and was just doing what I had to.  It really zapped my mojo and energy.  But, I'm on the mend, and this beautiful spring weather we have been...

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Sexy Man Soap

"Sexy Man" soap, was one of my best sellers this past Christmas season.  I have only been carrying this soap for the past couple of years, and it is definitely becoming popular.  It is enjoyed by both men and women.  Naturally nourishing soap has an enticing blend of...

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Turmeric Soap

Turmeric is a very beneficial ingredient to add to soap.  It has natural anti-bacterial properties that help with acne or problem skin.  It also provides Vitamin E to moisturize and revitalize your skin cells and further helps to battle acne and restore skin to its...

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Making Five Bandits Soap

Number two of replenishing my soap stock is Five Bandits.  This soap has a little bit of a spicy scent, but also a herbal scent in the background.  This is an all natural soap, coloured with Pink Clay and scented with Essential Oils.  The essential oils used for this...

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Making Lavender & Lemon Soap

Below is a video showing how I make my Lavender and Lemon soap.  This is a really popular soap that is scented with an essential oil blend of Orange, Lavender, Rosemary and Lemongrass, giving it a nice fresh clean scent.  The bottom has Apricot Kennel Meal...

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My First Attempt At A Mini Drop Swirl

Out in the you tube world there are many soap artists, always coming up with new ways, to beautify soap.  One new technique that I have been seeing quite frequently is the Mini Drop Swirl.  I have seen some absolutely beautiful creations done in this method. I was...

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Making Unicorn Soap

These soaps are so fun. I'm really happy with the way they have turned out.  They are fairly labor intensive, but I do enjoy making them, and when they are finished they make me smile.  These have been scented in strawberry (which really does smell like strawberry),...

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Making Under The Mistletoe

This is my last Christmas soap, that I will be making.  For this soap, my vision was to have three layers on a diagonal, and a swirl on the other side of the diagonal.  So  first I made a single loaf, layering the soap in red, green and white.  The next day, I cut the...

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