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Exfoliating Lemongrass Poppyseed Soap

If you're like me, you'll love the refreshing scent of our Exfoliating Lemongrass Poppyseed Soap. Infused with Lemongrass Essential Oil, this soap is invigorating and mood-lifting. Lemongrass Essential Oil offers various benefits; it is known for its antifungal and...

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Grinch Soap – Getting Ready for the Holidays

Our festive and utterly adorable Grinch Soap is perfect for the holiday season! Feeling kind of grouchy? Holiday spirit can’t be found?  Try our Grinch Soap, it’s the best medicine around! This delightful soap captures the whimsical spirit of everyone’s favorite...

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Using Soap Dough to Make Gnome Soap

Using soap dough in soap is something that I have been experimenting with, and I have to say that I was so happy with the way my Gnome Soap turned out.  Soap Dough is cold process soap, that you don't let saponify, which enables you to mold into different shapes. To...

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Remove Odours with our Coffee Cappuccino Soap

Gently remove odours with our Coffee Cappuccino Soap.  I have made quite a few coffee soaps, but I have to say this is the best smelling Coffee Soap that I have ever made.  Coffee soaps are great for your hands, and removing odors, that is why they make a great...

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Making Snowberries Soap

In the video below, I show making Snowberries Soap. I personally love the scent, but it was very difficult to work with.  I recently saw a new tenique (or new to me) called the Splash Swirl, and wanted to give it a try.  Unfortunately for me, the scent worked way to...

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Trying A Different Techinque Woodland Soap

In this post I will show a video showing trying a different techinque of soap making.  There are so many.  Even though this isn't quite the look I was going for, I do think it turned out quite nice.  I was trying to go for a layered ombre soap, which really didn't...

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How I Make Midnight Man Soap

How I Make Midnight Man Soap: A Natural and Masculine Cleansing Experience Discover the secrets behind the making of our popular men's soap - Midnight Man. This all-natural soap is composed of titanium oxide and activated charcoal, giving it a unique colour. Its...

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Making Plumeria Soap with Soap Dough Flowers

Years ago I made a Plumeria Soap, and people loved it because it wasn't common, and such a lovey scent. Also in the past, when I made this soap, the soap batter always seized, which made it hard to make. Recently, I found a Plumeria fragrance, that claimed not to...

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Making and Cutting Charcoal Facial Soap

This lovely charcoal facial soap has been formulated for those people with normal to oily skin types. Activated charcoal has the ability to draw dirt from the skin, and is known for its detoxification properties. The activated charcoal I use is a quality steam...

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Making Peppermint Twist Soap

Peppermint Twist is one of the soaps in our Christmas line up.  This soap has a Christmas blend of cool mint, white sugar, and rich vanilla musk. A perfect scent for the holidays. I wanted this soap to have a nice Christmas feel, so I made it in layers, with pink and...

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How I Make Fresh Rose Soap

I have been making Fresh Rose Soap for a few years now.  If you like florals, this scent is truly beautiful, and smells just like Fresh Roses. Since I have made several batches of this soap, I know how this scent behaves in soap, and I know that it moves very fast,...

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Making Bahama Fizz Soap

I'm sure you are going to love the scent of this Bahama Fizz Soap.  The scent is described as bright energy and tropical allure in this savory blend of island fruits. Papaya, mango and coconut intertwine with musk. Very tropical!  As a soapmaker it isn't always easy...

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Making Rainbow Soap

Recently I had one of my very good wholesale clients request some Rainbow Soap, which I have previously made a few years ago.  This soap is quite labor intensive, as all of the layers have to be prepared separately.  So that means six little batches to make one big...

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A Short Little Video of Enchanted West Coast

This video is really short, as I thought I was filming the making of Enchanted West Coast.  I was surprised when I went to watch it and edit, and it wasn't there, but I have just been so busy I probably wasn't paying attention. My plan was to have some hills and ocean...

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Making Winter’s Heirloom Soap

Winter's Heirloom Soap has a soft delicate floral scent, that I personally really like.  It will remind you of an heirloom bouquet of winter magnolias, centifolia and damask roses, while notes of sambac jasmine emerge from a warm bed of patchouli, silver cedar and...

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Making Vanilla Bean Marshmallow Soap

As a soap maker, you have to plan your soap making at least 5 weeks in advance, so I've starting making my Fall and Christmas Soaps.  Vanilla Bean Marshmallow Soap has the most wonderful vanilla scent.  It combines scents of marshmallow crème with accents of sweet...

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A Typical Soap Cutting Day

Quite often i just make video's about making soap, but don't show all the soap I cut.  Here is short video showing a typical soap cutting day for me.  I never make just one batch of soap.  I make several. In the video I show a Peppermint Confetti Soap ~that's new~but...

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Making Afternoon Tea Handmade Artisan Soap

Here is a little video showing the making of Afternoon Tea Soap. I just love the scent of our Afternoon Tea Soap!  For awhile now, I have been wanting to make a tea scented soap.  Finding a scent that actually smelled nice (in my opinion), has taken a bit, but I...

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